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“Our experience makes the difference”

Tulsi Developers India Pvt. Ltd. has a tradition of fine homebuilding. Building your dream home, adopted the modern innovations, inventions to benefit the construction standards as per increasing demands of every segment of the society, building on your priorities, expectations, the dream of living standards.

The quality of life has excellently molded by our Architectural Science Suitable to the Contemporary Era.

The Mission

“The diffusion of a technology is often more important than its invention”

We focus to the most significant technological advances, innovations and adaptations of housing projects combined with construction technologies that has architectural value – more durable and environmentally – friendly. We transfer our research developed construction science in the form of a “Stylish comfortable convenient house suitable to be Home”.

The Strength

"Nothing is above the standard of quality", from selection of location to final stage of construction - we scrutinize - foundation, structural design, whole of exterior and interior, strength, utility and beauty, selection of every raw materials, components, accessories - in consideration with test parameters as well as certifications. This is not at all a favour to our clients but the system of tradition for own fulfilment. The standard to do a great job in providing our customers their dream home... But do not take our word for it, this is what our customer's think about us.

Chairman's Voice

Welcome! Greetings to all, I am Thulasi Das. My life has gifted me the most valuable experiences in the field of realty, land development and housing construction. The concept of Tulsi Developers India Pvt. Ltd. - derived from my conscious to provide stylish living space to everyone, genuinely and cost - effectively without compromising standards of quality. To achieve the architectural construction standards, we have selectively gathered a team along with the best artisans available in the industry, the result immensely proved to become the "The Dream Home Builder"

My social commitments as a responsible citizen is remembered in every action and extending my authorization to my clients- trust with worthiness. My sincere call to everyone to be among us to build up our Dream - Home as you dreamt ever. I assure you that, we shall fulfill the Dream.

Your Dreams...Our Passion...


Thulasi Das
Chairman & Managing Director